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Environment, which includes and encompasses every single aspect of life and living is a requirement next only to food. It impacts not only the basic survival needs of the air we breath, water we drink and the food we eat but an entire gamut of issues ranging from health, housing, transportation, sanitation and waste disposal, land use - all critical to economic development and growth leading to quality living standards.

Environmental issues involve various inter-related aspects: identifying critically impacting issues and their risk assessments, compliance, regulatory issues and policies, identify location and issue specific projects and subsequent practical solutions through consultation, effects of various environmental pollutants ranging from chemical and physical agents to infectious agents, their toxicological effects on humanity, pollution reduction, promoting awareness through education and training, surveys and studies of various issues and parameters through monitoring, exposure assessments, innovative research through participation and collaboration and transfer of the outcomes into the field.


International Certification Course

OHTA Module W 502
(Includes Evaluation, Survey, Measurement, Control
and related topics)

December 7-10, 2013 At: Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Uppal, Hyderabad, India

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